CU2.0 Podcast Episode 123 Octavio Marquez Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Global Banking Diebold Nixdorf on ATMs

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Is now the time to bury the ATM?

A few months ago the answer looked like a definite maybe but now, says Octavio Marquez, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Global Banking, Diebold Nixdorf, ATM traffic is up across much of the US and oftentimes it is higher than pre-pandemic levels had been.

What’s happening, says Marquez, is that financial institutions – credit unions very much included – are rethinking their branch networks and in that process many are also rethinking the role of the ATM.  That new look at ATMs is accelerated by the reality that many of us are seeking to minimize person to person interactions.  And financial institutions are also beginning to look at the ATM as not just a piece of machinery but as a useful player in digital banking.

Along the way, Marquez talks about new uses for ATMs. They no longer are just about spitting out money and taking deposits. On many we can now pay utility bills.  Some can also perform KYC chores for a credit union. Some can print out and distribute a new debit card.

Clearly it’s no longer simply your father’s two note machine.

The podcast opens with a brief discussion of a new partnership of Truliant Credit Union and Diebold Nixdorf where DN All Connect Services are now available to Truliant members.  Said the press release, “The comprehensive service will increase branch and ATM channel efficiency, offer enhanced digital integration and provide members with modern and convenient self-service banking options.”

Rik Kielbasa, chief digital officer at Truliant, said: “Our expanded partnership with Diebold Nixdorf will help us anticipate future market needs and develop even stronger connections with our members. User expectations around ATM services are constantly evolving, and enhanced functionality allows us to exceed these expectations and increase service levels. Implementing DN Allconnect Managed Services offers opportunities to continuously optimize the member experience so we never miss a moment with them.”

In the same press release, Marquez said, “Together, we’re on a mission to amplify Truliant’s membership through a truly consumer-centric, highly-available ATM experience.”


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