CU2.0 Podcast Episode 124 John Findlay on Digital Academy’s Tools for Getting Employees, Members Ready for Digital Banking

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A dirty secret inside credit unions is that many frontline workers – and very possibly most senior staff – just do not use their institution’s digital banking tools. Why bother when you work in a branch?  Just walk up to a teller and, whoosh, task handled.

And then along comes a pandemic that closes many branches, and makes many members and employees leery of setting foot in the open ones, and suddenly there is a stampede to adopt digital.  A couple problems however.  A lot of the institution’s staff cannot adequately explain how to use the tools because of their own lack of familiarity and a lot of the members who are newly adopting digital are starting at ground zero and genuinely need help.

Enter John Findlay’s  Digital Academy, a SaaS (software as a service) tool that aims to solve both problems for credit unions.

Better still: right now there is a 90 day free trial because, says Findlay, the company wanted to do its part in helping financial institutions and their members and customers meet the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

What Digital Academy gives financial institutions is an automated way to create an instructional walkthrough that can be used by members and employees alike. How easy is it to create this? Often an institution can create a walkthrough for, say, Mobile Remote Deposit Capture in perhaps a half hour, says Findlay.

How can it be that easy? Remember, it’s automated.  Basically the credit union grabs perhaps a half dozen screen shots. How simple is that?

The cost? Findlay says the company’s tool kit is available for a fee correlated to asset size. An institution in the $100 million range might pay around $15,000 annually. An institution with $1 billion in assets might pay $100,000 annually.

He stresses that significant staff technical expertise is not required to create an instructional walkthrough.  The aim of the tools is to democratize the creation of learning tools.

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