CU2.0 Podcast Episode 130 Tansley Stearns of Canvas Credit Union Tells If Credit Union Members Are Healthier

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Are credit union members healthier?

The $3 billion Colorado based Canvas Credit Union knows the answer for its members – and the answer is that they are.

That’s because, Canvas, working with Filene, compiled data that looked at the health of its members versus average Coloradans along three fronts: financial, social, and health.  The verdict is that Canvas members score higher on all three fronts.

That, said Tansley Stearns, guest for this podcast and chief people and strategy officer at Canvas, is excellent news – both for the members themselves but also for the credit union.

That is because she believes that the brands that win over the next 10 years are the brands that consumers believe advance their health.

Stearns hopes that other credit unions do similar research and if there is a pattern where credit unions collectively boost members’ health think about the power of that messaging in getting across the credit union difference.

Doing good by members just may be the credit union ticket to ride to competitive success.

Learn more about this in this lively podcast.

If this podcast leaves you wanting to hear more from Stearns, watch her CUBroadcast segment on this topic here.  It’s a lively 12 minutes.

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