CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 140 AI and Gesa

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This is not an infomercial for Scienaptic, an AI vendor with a particular focus on lending.

There are two guests on the podcast –  Eric Steinhoff, a Scienaptic executive vice president, and Kevin Willborn, vice president of consumer lending at $3.3 billion Gesa Credit Union.

Essentially you will hear that Scienaptic’s tools are a way to speed up loan decisioning and also to make the decisions very possibly better.  It’s hard not to like better and faster.

Willborn also tells what loans he plans to run through Scienaptic – lots of different kinds.

This is a tight podcast but in it you will hear how Scienaptic in fact creates better tools for smarter underwriting.  It’s a short course in the secret sauce of an AI engine.

Steinhoff also tells why he prefers to work with credit unions over community banks.  You will want to hear this.

At Gesa, meantime, the determination is to up its lending game and that is why Willborn took a look at new tools for smarter processing.  When he heard the Scienaptic presentation he knew he had found the vendor for Gesa.

Right now, Scienaptic has multiple credit union clients but it is looking for more.

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