CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 146 Fintech Meetup with Anil Aggarwal and Kirk Drake

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Anil Aggarwal is an entrepreneur who knows a thing or two about providing venues where executives come together and good things happen.  He was co-founder of Money 20/20, an event that redefined how financial services executives and fintech executives could profitably come together.  After that venture was sold, he co-founded Shoptalk, a meeting venue for retail execs and technologists. That was sold off. And now he is creating his next new thing, Fintech Meetup, and you want to know about this June 15-17 virtual event that will link financial services execs with fintech execs in double opt-in meetings that last 15 minutes.

Why 15 minutes? Aggarwal says he has found that’s the optimal time.  If the two parties find they have more to talk about they can arrange it.  Or they can part with smiles on their faces because it was only 15 minutes.

And you did notice these are dual opt in meetings.  Both parties have to accept for the meeting to be scheduled.

And it’s all virtual in our pandemic era.

Understand too that the tools and technologies are battle tested.  That’s a big plus.

Joining Aggarwal in this podcast is CU 2.0 founder Kirk Drake who has thoughts about why this event is a must for credit unions and free admission is just one of the attractions for credit union execs. There’s a link in the show notes to how to claim free admission.

Know this. Your host is a grumpy, cynical veteran of too many financial services events to count, most of which were tedious.  I am a huge fan of the early Money 20/20 events so when I heard the guy behind Money 20/20 was the force behind Fintech Meetup my interest went from tepid to torrid.

And credit union execs get in free.

That is a great deal.

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