CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 151 Michelle Asher ENT on Social Media Mastery

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Consider this podcast everything you wanted to know about credit unions and their social media channels but were afraid to ask.  Or maybe you just didn’t know to ask.

But the reality today is that social media have emerged as a crucial communications outlet – and for some generations they may be the most important way to communicate.

And yet the channels are so new.  Twitter started in 2006.  Facebook dates back to 2004.  Instagram was launched in 2010.  LinkedIn dates back 2003.

But for most credit unions it is safe to say their significant involvement in social media dates back maybe a handful of years.

And the media themselves evolve and change.

That’s why you want to hear from Michelle Asher,  a marketing manager with a specific focus on social media at ENT, the nation’s 25th largest credit union with assets of $6.7 billion.

Asher is the first fulltime manager for social media at ENT but she came to the job with 25 years of experience in public relations and communications.

In the podcast she talks about the learning curve involved in joining the credit union industry – not so hard at ENT, she says, because there are many knowledgeable, helpful staff.  She also talks about when and how legal and compliance weigh in on her content.

Along the way, Asher talks about a social media policy for employees – and know that there are times and places where an employee post can bring risks to a credit inion, even when the post is on an employee’s personal account.  If you haven’t thought about that issue, now is the time.

We also find out how the various social media channels differ – and what works on Facebook might fail on both LinkedIn and Twitter.  That’s why professionals do not post the same content on multiple channels.  Who knew?

Of course new channels keep emerging – think Tik Tok and ENT is not presently on it.  Asher tells why.

This is an approachable conversation – but it has plenty of content both for credit unions with well oiled social media programs and those that are just dabbling in it.

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