CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 158 Jack Henry Experts Talking Fraud Trends and Credit Union Vulnerabilities

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Newsflash: ask the experts and they will tell credit union executives that a tidal wave of fraud very likely will be crashing into them and soon.

Why? For the past year criminals have been kept busy attempting to cash in on the various federal and state government pandemic related relief programs such as PPP loans.  That money is drying up so they are casting their eyes in search of new targets and you just may have a bullseye on your back.

That’s why you need to hear this wide ranging conversation with two Jack Henry fraud and financial crimes experts, Rene Perez and Nat Southern.

This is a conversation about crime trends and also about crime trends that remain largely ignored.

A big trend for instance is that as financial institutions, especially the big ones, have toughed their perimeter defenses, criminals have shifted focus and are eyeing credit union members for vulnerabilities – which they very often will find.

Perez says a trigger for this is that many financial institutions have simply gotten very sophisticated, often in response to prodding from regulators.

But he adds that he talks with maybe 10 small financial institutions a week that are still doing a lot of their fraud work on paper, with humans doing the reporting.,

That increasingly is just not adequate, not when smart criminals enter the battle.

You will also hear a phrase – “willful blindness.” That’s a term regulators are using to describe an institution’s failure to detect fraud perpetrated by insiders or perhaps by friends or community leaders.

This is not a technical conversation.  It is more in the nature of cops and robbers and what you need to know about the robbers who want to steal your credit union’s money.

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