CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 160 Izabella Gabowicz COO Sensibill Answers the Spending Question

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You know the income of many of your members.

Now here’s the big question: do you know what they are spending it on?

Down to the SKU level – that is, on exactly what are they spending?

You want to meet Izabella Gabowicz, COO and a founding team member at Toronto based fintech Sensibill, a company built around the insight that financial wellness is not one size fits all.  Joe’s financial wellness might include a craft beer a day, wile Susie’s might favor a non alcoholic kombucha a day and, yeah, knowing such differences night help a financial institution deliver more customized financial wellness programming.

Says Sensibill about itself, “At Sensibill, we’re working to make financial services personal—you could say, more human. We build products that reveal insights into everyday spend that can be used to truly personalize financial services. And in doing so, help people achieve their unique version of financial wellness.”

Focus on that: insights into personal daily spend.

It all adds up. A newspaper, a cup of coffee, a short taxi ride and who is keeping track?

Sensibill can.

How?  Listen to this podcast where Gabowicz extols the benefits of SKU level spending data.

Know too that Sensibill’s products touch 60 million people worldwide.

Call this financial wellness 2.0.

Listen Here

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