CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 164 Pamela Owens SVP Inclusiv on African American Credit Unions and a Whole Lot More DEI 5 2021

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She’s smart. She has around 20 years experience at Inclusiv, the association for community development financial institutions and its predecessor organization. And she has put a lot of attention on African American Credit Unions.  Will they survive? Does it matter?

Meet Pamela Owens, a SVP at Inclusiv and she comes with a lot to tell us.

As for African American credit unions, they will survive and, yes, it definitely matters, says Owens in this podcast.  She tells why.

She also gives a grade for credit union industry efforts regards Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts (and know she is not an easy grader).

Along the way we talk about progress African Americans have made in regard to credit union employment – and the progress they need to make in regard to C-suite employment.

Credit unions, unlike banks, are birthed with a moral reason for their existence. Banks exist to profit their shareholders.  Credit unions – especially CDFIs – exist to bring financial services to the underserved and that is indeed a reason to get up in the morning.

If you want to feel good about being in the credit union industry this is the podcast you want to listen.  Of course you will also get some to-do’s – but this is work that isn’t going to be finished soon.

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