CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 168 Jake Tyler Finn AI on Conversational Banking 2021 Style

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The future of banking just may be voice – but that will probably mean talking with a computer. Already tens of millions of Bank of America customers use its Erica and that number is growing at a brisk rate.

It should be no surprise.  Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant are part of many of our lives today. We talk with machines. We like talking with machines.

Question: how is a credit union to compete in this sphere.

Enter Finn AI, a conversational banking company formed precisely to address these needs for credit unions and community banks.

Already Finn AI has a couple credit union customers – BECU is one. And it is looking for more.

That’s why it has scheduled an October 6 virtual conversational banking summit, a half day devoted to giving credit union and bank execs the information they need to make decisions about AI and conversational banking.

Did I mention it is free for credit union execs.

Link here.

If you can’t make the summit, sign up anyway and you’ll get a link so you can watch at a time more convenient for you.

Speakers include executives from Amazon, BECU, MX, United Federal Credit Union (also a Finn AI customer), and Kirk Drake, the founder of CU 2.0 and author of a book on AI.

In this podcast, with Finn AI CEO and co-founder Jake Tyler, you will hear more about the summit but you also will here about Finn AI’s tools, its pricing, and why Tyler is persuaded that conversational AI banking just is not a technology that can be ignored.  It’s a candid discussion, tightly focused and to the point.


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