CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 170 Tim Keith of SRM on The Great Reset in Financial Services

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Things are different today in financial services and, increasingly, there is a realization that we are not going back to “normal,” not later this year, probably not ever.  That means credit union executives have to think bigger – more boldly – about how to compete in a changing financial services landscape.

The podcast opens up with a huge credit union 2021 fact: institutions are awash in deposits.  Why? What to do with them?

Data-driven thoughts on that and many more credit union issues come from Tim Keith, chief strategist of Account Boost for SRM, an independent advisory firm that focuses on financial services companies, credit unions included.

In the podcast Keith tackles tough issues – how should credit unions pursue branch realignment, how can they do business banking right, why aren’t they better at offering online account opening, and what is a simple action step for deepening relationships with existing members.

It’s a wide ranging podcast – take notes because you will get ideas well worth developing as you seek ways to navigate today’s turbulent financial services currents.

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