CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 173 Alexey Krasnoriadtsev BankingON on Bank Dora, Mobile Banking Now and Love

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Early in this podcast you will realize that  Alexey Krasnoriadtsev is a different kind of tech CEO.  For starters, this is a podcast where you will not hear much – probably nothing – that sends you to Google to look up words you don’t understand. But the bigger difference is that this is a tech CEO who talks about why it’s important that users of technology feel loved by their tech, that credit unions and other financial institutions do right by their users (and Alexey backs that up by refusing to help efforts that don’t align with that philosophy), and who admits a lot of FI tech is blah – and he tells why that is so.

You know his work.  In podcast 172 you heard about Bank Dora, the innovative neo-bank birthed by a credit union.  BankingON worked on that project.

The core BankingON pursuit is creating new mobile banking apps and that means tools that do what the users want (rather than what the vendors and FIs want which is the norm).

Be prepared to be surprised, often in this podcast.  Especially if you are a CIO or CTO who knows how fintech execs talk.

Alexey talks about his frustrations, his hopes, his dreams and why at day’s end he is a happy guy.

You didn’t expect to hear that, did you?


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