CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 177 Amber Callahan VP of Marketing at 1st Advantage FCU and Kristin Harrison Web Strategies on Digital Marketing

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What you don’t know about digital marketing can be your undoing. That is 2021 fact.

For some years credit union c-suite occupants have shrugged off digital marketing – it’s just for kids, our members skew old.  Maybe that was true (maybe it wasn’t as true as the c-suiters believed) but what now has become indisputable in our pandemic era is that digital is here and it has become a significant part of just about every life.

That includes credit union members.

Where’s a credit union to get started in digital marketing? That’s what you will hear about in this podcast with Amber Callahan, VP of marketing at 1st Advantage FCU in Virginia, and Kristin Harrison, director of business development at Web Strategies, also in Virginia.

They have had a multi-year journey together and you will learn how to get started in digital marketing and how to go to next, higher levels.

Do note: this is pretty much a tech free podcast.  There’s no need to have a techie at your side for this one.

And accept the reality: we have entered the zone where tech is what matters. To quote the New York Times about Google and Facebook: “these tech companies are rich and powerful because they are the biggest sellers of advertising in the world.”

Digital already accounts for more than half of global ad spend.  Many billions of dollars get spent on digital advertising.  There are good reasons for that. You will hear about that in this podcast.


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