CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 182 SRM’s Larry Pruss on What You Need to Know – and Do – About Crypto Currencies

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Crypto is now, it is happening.

Happy New Year!

Our first show in 2022 is about a topic that you will likely will be hearing a lot about this year: Crypto currencies. And what you may not realize is that with crypto in play the financial institution stranglehold on wire transfers may slip. Even worse, credit card interchange may vanish.

Now do we have your attention?

Crypto brings risks but also possible rewards for smart players.

On today’s show is Larry Pruss, crypto lead at consulting firm SRM (Strategic Resource Management). and, says Pruss, crypto is streaming at you at full speed

Proof is that NCUA in December offered guidance about how credit unions should interact with crypto vendors.

Maybe the biggest risk to credit unions is that evidence mounts that many members will leave a financial institution that doesn’t offer crypto related services for one that does.  At the very least they will move money out of your credit union into an institution that trades in crypto.

We may well be at a perilous moment for traditional FIs as DeFi (decentralized finance) moves onto center stage.

How to get involved in crypto with minimal risk? Pruss offers suggestions in the podcast and, from my perspective, the easiest way to stick a toe into these digital waters is by offering crypto rewards.  More institutions – Venmo for instance – already are on this but there remains running room for credit unions that want to play.

And Pruss has other suggestions.

This is a fast paced podcast. Inside 40 minutes you will hear what you need to know to play in crypto. Smartly.

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