CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 189 Chase Neinken Chimney on Calculating Success

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Boring. Old. Anachronistic.

Are those the words that come to mind when you think of calculators?

Guess what: maybe those adjectives apply to the calculators at your financial institution’s website…but that is not how Chase Neinken, a co-founder of fintech Chimney, sees them.

That’s because Chimney is in the business of creating calculators that engage members in looking at their finances in new ways.

Chew on the company’s mantra: Engage more customers. Fund more loans.

You know you now want to know more about Chimney.

This podcast will be the short course. Then go to the website – link in the show notes – click into the Chimney website and you will find some 30 templates that are there to try for free.

As in: at no cost.

Neinken in the podcast also reveals that the typical Chimney FI customer is billed under $1000 monthly. That’s for 10 calculators.  Fees are not based on institution size or number of members. And there is no minimum contract, no need for any time commitment.

You understand calculators. We all do. But the Chimney message is that there is a new breed of calculators that you won’t typically find on a credit union website but your members will find them at fintechs such as Nerd Wallet.

Can that member be won back?

Neinken says sure, with Chimney’s calculators.

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