CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 191 Raj Bhaskar Hurdlr – Make Gig Economy Workers Into Members

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Take a guess: how many of your members earn income from the Gig Economy?

That can mean anything from an Uber driver, doing DoorDash deliveries, working as a realtor, or creating podcasts.

Guesses run from 25% to over 40% of your members get some money that results in a 1099 form and, therefore, they very much need an easy way to track tax deductible expenses.

Enter Hurdlr, an app that automates expense tracking – including mileage.  That means more Gig workers can deduct more expenses and pay less taxes.  Legally.

Hurdlr’s aim is to take the sweat and heavy lifting our of expense tracking for gig workers, said Raj Bhaskar, CEO of Hurdlr.

By the company’s estimate it has saved users over $300 million in taxes

What does this have to do with your credit union?

Hurdlr is available directly to consumers – there’s even a free version.

But now Hurdlr wants to help credit unions make the app available to their members – and that may help bring in new members who suddenly see that your credit union is actively deploying tools for gig workers.

Sound good?

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