CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 192 Laura “Lo” Trujillo Array on Credit Scores and Your Members

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It’s called Array for good reason.  That’s because this fintech offers an arsenal — ok, an array – of credit score tools such as a a credit score, a credit score simulator (what happens if you pay off that mortgage?), three bureau credit scores (they do differ), dark web monitoring and more.

Credit unions that sign up for the Array services can pick and choose what tools they want to offer.

Isn’t it simpler – and cheaper – just to point members to Credit Karma?

You bet. But why don’t you just tell them to apply for a loan there, too, because Credit Karma makes its money by funneling users into financial products. Products that aren’t yours.

Now do we have your attention?

In this podcast, Laura Trujillo – call her Lo – director of credit union sales at Array – tells why you want to know about Array and why your members will be eager to use the tools.

You want more member visits to your site and your mobile app? You want sticky tools?  Then you probably want credit score tools because many frequently check their credit score, especially if they are dreaming about a new home or rental or maybe a new car and who isn’t these days? Is your credit score high enough to qualify? Don’t guess, know. Use the Array tools at your credit union – and get loan or mortgage there too.

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