CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 193 Elan Mevasse on Very Good Security – Is It a Better Way to Secure Member Data?

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Ask Very Good Security – a San Francisco based fintech – what it does that is different in terms of securing member data and the answer is blunt: what it does is different, better, even very good. To quote from the company’s website about the question that spawned the solution: “Was there a way to secure the data, take it out of scope of liability, and still allow it to be used and exchanged? There was. Their solution became Very Good Security, a new type of data security company with a revolutionary way for companies to secure data.”

Bold idea?


But face up to reality: data security has been a train wreck for some years. How many times have your credit card numbers, even SSN, been stolen by hackers in the last decade?

There has to be a better way.

Very Good Security believes it has that way and Elan Mevasse, the company’s credit union lead, is on the podcast to tell what the company does and how it does it.

There’s some technical speak in this show – “tokenization” and suchlike – but on the whole this is a PG rated episode that will be accessible to all.

Listen to the end too. There’s a minute or two devoted to how Very Good Security helped Ukraine based engineers and their families relocate to safer ground as Russia invaded the country.

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