CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 199 Julie Markee EOS on Managing for Success

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How good a manager are you?

Be honest now.  Do you have a systematic way of measuring how effectively you are leading? Or is it all seat of the pants guesswork and, well, we have to be doing okay because the lights are still on?

Let’s be honest. A lot of credit unions are going out of business in the next decade. A lot.

Right now there is a flood of fintechs into the credit union orbit and many come with promises and promises – but a lot of them won’t be open in five years.

Ineffective management and leadership will figure into many of these demises.

Enter Julie Markee. She is a professional implementer – you haven’t heard that title before, have you – with EOS, a company that teaches what it calls an entrepreneurial operating system (this EOS).

In this podcast, Markee – who has worked with a number of companies in the credit union orbit – offers up a fast view of EOS’ thinking and processes,

Case in point: are your executive meetings a productive use of time – or do you leave the room thinking why the heck am I spending so much time on this? EOS has a fast approach to meetings that will up effectiveness. You want to hear that.

Do you have the right people in the right seats? That’s a core EOS principle and when it’s not in a place that organization will struggle to succeed. Find out how to get the right people in the right seats in this show.

Along the way, Markee promises links to tools you may find useful. Here they are:

How to run a Level 10 Meeting:

Link to miscellaneous EOS resources

This is a content rich show. Think about what she says. Think and learn.

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