CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 203 Ted Brown Digital Onboarding and Deborah Colby One Nevada CU

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Subtitle this podcast: what a fintech needs to know and do to succeed when working with credit unions.

Just maybe knowing how to do that is the special sauce that has powered Digital Onboarding – not that many years out of the DCU Fintech Innovation Center – to having 80+ customers in financial services, mainly credit unions.

And in this podcast, Ted Brown, CEO of Digital Onboarding, tells where he got the idea for a company that provides tools that help credit unions turn members into raving fans who use many of the institution’s tools, from direct deposit to automatic card payments.

By the way, the more such tools a member uses the stickier the relationship.

Oh…the idea that led to Digital Onboarding’s core business mission came out of talks with DCU execs who shared pain points and wishes and, click, the light bulb went off in Brown’s head and the company’s business plan took shape.

Brown is candid in this podcast.

But so also is Deborah Colby, chief marketing officer at One Nevada Credit Union who is in the show as a one-person truth squad. Spoiler alert: she is a raving fan of Brown and Digital Onboarding. If you are hoping for a Shark Tank snark, you won’t find it here.

What you will find is Colby’s perceptive take on what a fintech needs to know to really click with a credit union.  Heads up, fintech execs, if you don’t catch that bit you have missed gold.

Credit union execs, listen and you will hear good ways to assess if you are in fact getting what you need from your fintechs.

The format of this show departs from our pattern. Here you will hear an intro, then we cut to a one on one with Ted Brown where Colby puts in a cameo at the end, then we go to Colby on her own telling how One Nevada works with Digital Onboarding.

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