CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 204 Guy Messick on CUSOs, Fintechs, and Your Future

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If you are a credit union executive you should be staying up at night chewing on this question: how do we survive in an age of relentless technology innovation and an increasing consumer acceptance of trusting their financial services to a fintech.

Tossin’ and turnin’.

Guy Messick, a retired lawyer who now serves as CEO of NACUSO Business Services, is a man you want to hear.

NACUSO Business Services is a recent offshoot from NACUSO, the trade group for CUSOs and the credit unions that own and use them, and this offshoot has a specific focus which is to help credit unions and CUSOs hook up, especially CUSOs with a fintech focus.

Messick believes that CUSOs are a tool that potentially gives credit unions an enormous marketplace advantage.

But he also knows that the two need a place to meet and mingle and get to know each other and each other’s needs and wants. Thus the rise of NACUSO Business Services.

Its offering includes a listing marketplace where many fintechs just might want to be featured.

This just might be a way to get better sleep at night.

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