CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 205 OGO’s Tim Daugherty on Why You Need a Business Continuity Plan

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The pandemic. The Great Resignation. Oregon wild fires. Tornados in Kansas.  Face facts: it is tough to know how to deal with the next disaster that comes on your scene because who knows what that will be?


This century – from Katrina to the war in Ukraine – has been a wild ride filled with the unpredictable.  It has become essential for every c-suiter to live by the Boy Scout motto, Be Prepared.

But that isn’t easy when there’s no knowing what you need to be prepared for.

This is where Tim Daugherty enters because in this podcast he tells what a credit union needs in a business continuity plan – and he also muses about the maybe 25% that do not have a realistic plan in place.

Joining him is Shane Butcher. a CU 2.0 Podcast veteran and director of CISO Services at OGO, who offers insight into where data and hackers figure into BCP.

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