CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 206 Fearing the Unknown Unknown with Risk Guru Amanda Cohen

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Now it has become time to fear the unknown unknown.

That is a mantra of Amanda Cohen, the director of governance, risk and compliance products at Resolver, a developer of risk and security management software.


Consider this podcast an extension of the themes and realities brought up in last week’s podcast with OGO’s Tim Daugherty on BCP, Business Continuity Planning.

In this show with Cohen, we are edging further into the wilderness of risk and pondering the risks that are out there but we just don’t know them yet.

What hooey?

Indeed, just as talk of a pandemic was hooey in, say, December 2019. And talk of war in middle Europe surely was ridiculous in February 2022.

And let’s not even mention Hurricane Sandy, the Great Resignation and how about all those teller jobs you just can’t seem to fill.

There are so many risks to contemplate nowadays and what Cohen presents is a disciplined perspective on how to come to grips with the risks you face whether you know them or not.

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