CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 209 Landon Glenn, CEO of ASA, the New way for CUs and Fintechs to Connect

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You are going to want to listen to this podcast twice. That’s because the first time you hear it you will think, this can’t be so. It can’t be that easy for a credit union to connect with fintechs and have all the compliance and integration and all that complex and expensive stuff just, well, handled by this Utah based open banking company I have never heard of.


Then you will focus on this: Asa now is in a BECU sponsored fintech incubator and two things are true about BECU: it’s a savvy, shrewd credit union and it knows technology.  If BECU says Asa is worth a close look, count me as hunting for my spectacles.

In this podcast, Asa founder and CEO Landon Glenn explains in considerable detail – but in a way friendly to non-propeller heads – just how Asa works its magic act.

Note too: Glenn tells here about discounted pricing for credit unions that get in the Asa queue pronto.  It really is a sweet deal for early adopters.

He also tells the benefits for the credit union – it gets to offer a wide range of cool tech to its members and that means it also can offer niche products because the integration is easy; it benefits fintechs but making it easy for them to align with credit unions; and it benefits members by letting them remain credit union members but still use and enjoy the tech they crave.

“The industry continues to grapple with how to keep up with skyrocketing demand for innovation in a safe, secure and affordable way,” said Landon Glenn, CEO and founder of Asa in a press release. “With Asa’s collaborative banking model, financial institutions and fintechs are finally able to join forces, connecting customers with a marketplace of fintechs without ever having to share sensitive data or credentials. Such a model is a win for the bank, fintech and end customer. We are proud to be accepted into the BECU FinTech Incubator, and we look forward to continuing this momentum and growth.”

You have to hear more?

Of course.

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