CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 213 Evan Bush Statflo on Compliant Texting Tools for Credit Unions

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Your members’ text.

Especially your younger members but today, really, everybody texts.

That means your employees text too.

So why can’t your employees text members with questions and offer them help. pointers, suggestions?

Meet Statflo, a company that specializes in one thing: compliant texting software and it also specializes in tools for credit unions.

Is it hard to get started with Statlo?

Listen to this podcast with Evan Bush, head of sales and partnerships at Staflo, who explains that in fact it is easy to get started using Statflo’s tools and a credit union also gets to pick the pricing plan that works best for it.  How easy is that?

A Statflo special ingredient is that its texting is done by human beings, not AI, and those human beings work in your branches, using tools and techniques developed by Statflo to get maximal results from texting.

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