CU 2.0 Podcast 53: West Community Credit Union

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How does a credit union get heard in the marketing wars with Bank of America, Chase, and the other money center bruisers?

Face an ugly reality: You can’t win.

No way, no how.

Unless you change the rules of engagement.


That’s what West Community Credit Union in Missouri is doing. A $280 million credit union, it’s nonetheless active in SixThirty, a St Louis fintech incubator, and in this podcast West Community vp of marketing Koren Greubel tells about the institution’s adoption of Plinquit, a mobile first app that gamifies savings and financial education – and just may be helping West Community connect with new consumers that otherwise would never have looked at a credit union.

The trigger for this podcast was this line in a press release: “West Community Credit Union selected Plinqit as a better way to introduce themselves to potential members rather than relying on traditional marketing channels.”

You can’t win at traditional marketing. Especially not to generations that may ignore a lot of that.

Think different and you just maybe can win.

The podcast also has a special appearance by West Community CEO Jason Peach who got on the phone to explain – with passion and a keen sense of reality – why the institution is getting into the SixThirty incubator and how it matters.

Doing similar just may matter to your institution too. If it can happen in St. Louis, why can’t it happen where you are?

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