CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 61: Allan Brown on the Digital Revolution in Banking, Live from Finastra Community Markets

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Ask Allan Brown – a VP and GM, Digital Community Markets at Finastra – what keeps him up at night and his answer is simple: it’s trying to stay on top of the digital revolution that is transforming credit unions and community banks.  Brown also is very optimistic. His belief: community institutions that partner with the right fintechs can not only keep pace with the big banks digitally, they very well may be able to beat them at this game.

Along the way Brown discusses mega trends that are changing how financial services are delivered and two key trends, he says, are real time banking (it’s coming!) and much shrewder use of data to deliver better and smarter services to consumers.

“The future of financial services is going to be phenomenal,” says Brown.

This is one of a half dozen podcasts recorded at Finastra Community Markets in Chicago, October 2019.

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