CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 80 Scott Petry Authentic8 on the Tower of Babel in Many FIs

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They just don’t talk well together.

That’s the surprising conclusion in a report entitled “Surprising Disconnect Over Compliance and Secure Web Use at Financial Firms,” research sponsored by IT security company Authentic8. (Download the report here.)

Inside many banks and credit unions IT, compliance, and legal just don’t talk the same language and often do not see the same problems, according to this report.

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Today’s guest, Scott Petry, CEO of Authentic8 who will tell is about this internal Tower of Babel.

Here’s why it matters: “this disconnect creates the potential for sizable gaps in compliance and data protection approaches in these organizations.”

Credit unions may have even tougher going because in many cases some of these tasks are outsourced and often the vendors simply do not talk together. Ever.

Often, said the report, compliance focuses on reducing risks, legal relies on security policies, and IT is more attuned to attack vectors and keeping users content.

And those three orientations may collide.

The report explores how to get the three competing tribes on the same page, thus improving the institution’s digital security.

The report also looks at how to maximize web use while maintaining optimal security.  Increasingly a tool of choice is remote browser isolation and Petry tells why this solution is gaining favor inside many financial institutions.

The conversation starts off with an attention grabber: why the ordinary URL is IT’s nightmare. And know that Authentic8’s Silo web browser has built in protections that anticipate – and solve for – user errors, pages they should not have clicked on, and still worse. It’s protection for the Age of the Web and it consumes the first half of the podcast.

From there, we turn back to the question of the three tribes – and how to get them cooperating for the security of the organization.

Be prepared to hear realities you haven’t thought about – and the result may be heightened internal security.

Read the report. It’s short, it’s free, but it’s provocative: Get it here.

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