CU 2.0 Podcast Shane Butcher on Remote Workers, Credit Unions, and Coronavirus Part 2

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Shane Butcher is a security guru at CUSO Ongoing Operations and lately has been busy helping numerous credit unions safely transition their employees to working from home.

The good news: credit unions that approach this methodically, carefully will probably be able to mitigate risks.

The bad news: credit unions that rush into this, haphazardly, with inadequate employee training may not.

One key: stress to employees working from home that they need to practice the very same security awareness as they do in the office. No shortcuts.

Butcher also warned that very probably cyber criminals are preparing to attempt to feast on remote credit union workers.  The risks are real.

Note, too, that Butcher’s OGO experience entails working with credit unions with assets under $100 million to ones with substantially over $1 billion. It’s a diverse customer mix but that gives him perspective on what is realistic, what is needed, what can happen.

“A lot of our customers are asking for help getting their remote workers online.”

His three word cure for a lot of today’s credit union security worries: training, training, training.

Butcher has significant concerns about BYOD access to the institution’s network – listen up find out why. But it starts with this: “we don’t know what’s on home devices” and that can range from malware to spyware to worse.

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