CU 2.0 VIP Podcast Live from Boulder 2 – Mart Vos of Eko on Stock Trading and Your Members

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If you weren’t there, you weren’t there – but this year’s CU2.0 VIP Live in Boulder was three nights and two days of the unexpected, the unimagined, and a whole lot of interchange and learning among credit union and fintech execs.

Over the next week I will be uploading five podcasts where VIP attendees share what’s on their minds.

Yes, there is background, ambient noise.  Tune it out.

In this second podcast you will hear from Mart Vos, founder of Eko, a hybrid robo advisor with the wrinkle of allowing the account holder also to personally select stocks to add to his/her portfolio.  Eko is integrated into the credit union’s app and is white labeled.  The member believes he/she is dealing with his/her credit union – and in fundamental ways they are.

Vos’s sales pitch to credit unions is that Eko will stop some of the outflow of deposits into third party investment apps.

Eko also is free to the credit union. The enrolled member pays a small surcharge to use the system. A credit union may also select to impose its own fee on top.

In this show, Vos also muses about raising capital for a startup, hurdles in selling to credit unions, and more.

Learn more about Eko Investments here:

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