and CU 2.0 Introduce CUCopilot: Uniting Credit Unions and Driving Industry Progress Using Generative AI

cucopilot logo png and CU 2.0, both leaders in bringing AI solutions to the credit union industry, have announced the launch of CUCopilot. This innovative offering, designed for credit unions and by credit unions, aims to drive considerable industry progress by uniting the industry to foster innovation and drive leadership in the financial services sector.

Since the genesis of this collaboration, and CU 2.0 have actively engaged with over 40 credit unions to identify and tackle the most pressing challenges facing the industry today. A focused dedication to mutual progress and cooperation has resonated within the community, prompting numerous credit unions to line up for participation.

Credit unions are uniquely positioned to offer personalized products and services to consumers. However, operational inefficiencies have historically hindered them from fully delivering on this promise. One of the initial use cases that CUCopilot tackles is making institutional knowledge readily available to front-line teams by using power Large Language Models like GPT to address member questions more seamlessly.  By doing so, CUCopilot is able to reduce call and wait times for members, identify gaps in policy and procedure documents, and enhances member experiences, while ensuring strict adherence to data privacy and protection measures.

Saroop Bharwani, CEO of, shares, “CUCopilot represents our dedication to the credit union community. It’s how we envision credit unions utilizing technology to simplify operations, improve efficiencies, and provide better services to members.”

The introduction of CUCopilot by and CU 2.0 involves creating a consortium of credit unions. Chris Otey, CRO, CU 2.0 and Chairman, South Bay Credit Union, explains their vision: “We aim to create an environment where credit unions can come together to leverage the power of AI to meet their unique needs. CUCopilot plays a crucial role in realizing that vision.”

Membership in this consortium gives credit unions exclusive access to CUCopilot and provides opportunities for collaboration with other innovative credit unions. Additionally, members receive valuable education on generative AI, language models, and prompt engineering, arming staff with the latest skills to increase their productivity tenfold. Moreover, members can take advantage of a unique investment opportunity via a CUSO to scale the solution industry-wide. and CU 2.0 demonstrate their commitment to providing immediate value to the industry by consolidating NCUA’s manuals and guidelines into an easily accessible resource. All credit unions can access this valuable resource by creating an account at

The launch of CUCopilot signals a new dawn for credit unions, bringing them together under the banner of collaborative innovation. With the power of generative AI in their hands through CUCopilot, credit unions now have the opportunity to design their collective future.

Echoing these sentiments, Joey Rudisill, CIO, Central Willamette Credit Union, shares, “We’re genuinely excited to chart this path with and CU 2.0. This partnership aligns with our philosophy of collaboration and shared progress in the credit union industry, as we explore the immense potential of GPT technology for knowledge management and member service.”

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About is a technology company focused on deploying AI solutions for the financial services industry. By leveraging advanced AI technologies, transforms scattered knowledge into valuable insights, enabling organizations to improve their operational efficiency and member experiences.

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CU 2.0 is the leading distributor of fintech products for the credit union industry. With a vision to foster a collaborative and innovative environment for credit unions, CU 2.0 enables these institutions to harness the power of advanced fintech solutions.

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