CU 2.0 Podcast Special Edition: Introducing CU CoPilot, the Credit Union AI Consortium

cu 2.0 podcast special edition

AI – you know it’s the big new thing that has won all the buzz in today’s tech world.

Does it deserve it?

Hear a loud “yes” in this podcast with Saroop Bharwani, CEO of and a co-creator of CU Copilot, a consortium of AI early adopter credit unions that are joining together to learn how to put AI to transformative uses in their institutions.

A half dozen credit unions already engage in CU Copilot and Bahrwani says more are coming and that is a good thing because credit unions are in a position to grab a dramatic lead in AI adoption and that will help the industry stay highly competitive through the years of change that are on the horizon.

Also on the show is Joey Rudisill, CIO at $500 million Central Willamette Credit Union which is already a consortium member. On the show, Joey gives an incisive perspective on what AI adoption is like on the ground floor of a credit union.

Here is the link to CuCopilot:

You want to sign up for the consortium? Here’s a link.

You want to see the videos on AI that are mentioned in the show? Here’s another link.

Know this: you will be hearing more and more about AI and the plain truth is that it is triggering a revolution that will utterly change how a lot of work gets done.  You can’t close your eyes to this. At least you can’t if you want to stay relevant.

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