How to Gamify Financial Literacy and Education for Youths

Financial education and literacy are problems that face most adults. And while it’s certainly important to teach them to better manage their money, why not start that education sooner? Teaching basic financial literacy to kids and teenagers ushers better prepared adults into the world.

Of course, teaching kids about money is no small task. Most people under 20 are more likely to play games on their phones than learn about budgeting, saving, or compound interest.

Heck, most people over 20 would rather play games, too.

So that’s why financial education apps work well when gamified. That is, the educational experience itself is turned into a game. There are achievements, activities, and other incentives to make the app more rewarding for the user.

Check out this list of financial literacy games that QCash compiled. So long as school is out—and while the economy is uncertain—these apps might teach your kids some important skills for the future.

Read on for six financial education apps for kids and teens:

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