LiveSurvey Is Changing the Credit Union Member Experience Game

Credit union member experience platform livesurvey profiled by cu 2.0

After years of bartending, I’m sensitive to customer complaints and social media reviews. Why announce to the world on Yelp that you didn’t like your fries? Why not let someone in the restaurant know so that they can fix it?

Surely, you’ve dealt with something similar. Maybe a member had a complaint. Then, instead of trying to get it resolved, they left a scathing review on your Facebook or Google business page.

Thousands of people see it. They leave your credit union.

How does this help your credit union improve? How does this benefit the member? Is there a better way?


Bad Experiences Happen, Period

Your credit union member experience may affect your ability to grow. But no company in the world has achieved a Net Promoter Score of 100. You will not please everyone. Mistakes will happen.

The question is:

Will you learn from it? Or will you let it kill your reputation on social media?

The CUSO LiveSurvey thinks you should learn from it. I mean, it seems obvious, after all. But they also provide a way for credit unions to avoid these cost member experience stumbles.

See, LiveSurvey is a survey platform build specifically for credit unions. They query the core every few minutes to check for new transactions and engagements. Almost immediately after a branch visit, credit card application, or other interaction, LiveSurvey can automatically send a short survey about it.


Surveys Prevent Bad Reviews

Give a member the opportunity to tell you directly what made them unhappy. By telling you, they may not need to tell Yelp, Google, or their friends.

Then, do something about it.

LiveSurvey suggests two major courses of action:

First, follow up with the unhappy member. Have a manager reach out to see if you can resolve their complaint. That kind of care can turn an unhappy member into a very loyal one.

Second, take note of what you might need to change. As you track member feedback, keep tabs on problem areas and suggestions. For example, if you see a bunch of complaints about overdraft or NSF fees, find a solution (like DoubleCheck).

Being proactive about your credit union member experience will turn negative interactions into positive reviews.

More importantly, your members will go from feeling misunderstood to feeling heard. That’s often very memorable and can net you a fan for life!


Next Steps for Credit Unions

These days, with rapidly changing technology and… also rapidly changing entire ways of working and living…

Well, it’s easy to see how keeping on top of your members’ needs is more important than ever. Are you meeting expectations?

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