Survey Ideas for Members

Creating repeatable processes that allow your credit union to continuously adjust and recreate good experiences for your employees is essential for receiving social validation. Credit unions have lots of repeated interactions – swiping a credit card, going to an ATM, calling a call center, etc. Since financial services are commoditized and fungible, it’s not fair to measure loyalty solely on a transactional level; you have to look at it much more holistically. Loyalty comes from the way you make a member feel, among other intangible identifiers. Feelings come from experiences that are unexpected or highly differentiated.

Tools like LiveSurvey are a great way to see a holistic picture. You’re able to map the person at an intricate level when giving the service, the resolution to the problem on a one-on-one basis, etc.

LiveSurvey tracks each transaction and follows up with the member to solicit feedback. Every time a member calls the call center or walks into a branch, within a minute or two of that transaction, LiveSurvey is notified of the transaction within the system. It know what, where, and who made the transaction and can immediately send a survey to ask valid experiential questions related to the transaction.

Through the use of LiveSurvey, one credit union discovered its members were creeped out by how fast they were being greeted, how much everybody was smiling, and how focused the employees were on providing a really pleasant experience.

Transactional surveys are rapidly becoming the number one most popular method for staying in touch with members. With the right questions, you will gain key insights that will help you credit union achieve massive growth and increased profitability. With transactional surveys, your credit union is gathering member feedback from all member touchpoints, at all times. Asking the right questions will aid you in attracting more of the members you want.

This article has a few credit union member survey question ideas. Here are several examples of survey questions to use with your members:

  • Ask a member why he/she joined your credit union. Were they referred by a friend? Perhaps it was a promotion you ran that worked really well or an advertisement they saw. Finding out what drew these most coveted members to your credit union means you’ll be able to model your future efforts based on what worked to bring in these members.
  • Loyalty-based questions like “How often do you use our services?” or “What is the main reason you continue to do business with our credit union?” can give valuable insight into the underlying reasons that your members remain loyal. Once you know, you can emphasize these characteristics to new and existing members in the same category, or even promote these features to prospective members.
  • The “open-ended” question is probably the most valuable of all. Simply asking the member “is there anything else you’d like to tell us?” can open the floodgates of information regarding their perception of your credit union, the products, the locations, any many other areas. Be sure to always have space for “open comments” on your transactional surveys.



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