Maximizing Your Credit Union’s ATM ROI

Good investments pay for themselves over time. Ultimately, the goal is that investments add value. Yet some aspects of banking and banking technology present very low or negative returns on investment (ROI). When such is the case, it’s important to see how to maximize that financial return.

ATMs see very high transaction volumes. However, most of those transactions don’t incur direct charges, so the majority of their use is free of charge. That puts a real strain on a financial institution’s ability to support their ATM network.

Fortunately, there are ways to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your ATMs. The folks at Tellerex outlined four ways that credit unions and other financial institutions can increase the ROI of their ATM fleet. Each way presents a new way to think about managing the ATM lifecycle—and each way opens up new opportunities for life extension, cost savings, and marketing opportunities.

Here are the four ways to maximize your credit union’s ROI on its ATM fleet.

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