Why Your Credit Union Needs Office 365

Most credit unions have been using Microsoft Office for years. But the legacy versions have been surpassed in efficiency by their successor. Office 365 is the new and improved version of the tried and true Microsoft programs. There is a big demand for businesses to undergo digital transformations.

If you haven’t made the upgrade, you might be wondering if it’s really worth it to make the switch.

We say yes, it is.

Here’s how moving over can better your operations, and even solve a few common problems.


Savings and Perks

Legacy Microsoft Office programs required each desktop to have its own license. Many credit unions have more computers than employees. If you’re one of them and still using the old Office, you’re paying more for licensure than you have to.

With Office 365, you pay to license the user. That comes with more than savings. It also makes transitioning between workspaces seamless for employees. All of their documents, spreadsheets and emails follow them over with a simple login.

There are also added perks to the online suite like Skype, a large cloud drive and other user-friendly applications.

Another incentive?

Microsoft has imposed a higher price on running your own exchange!


Improved IT Productivity

The mention of digital overhaul could make many an IT department groan. Change in digital operations tends to call for a lot of troubleshooting. With Office 365, Microsoft provides their own assistance. IT departments have one less thing to worry about.

Plus, they can focus more time and energy on improving the member experience side of business.


Stronger Security

A member’s trust is a credit union’s most valuable asset. And that trust largely comes from confidence in your security measures. People want to know that their information and livelihood is safe. Often, moving operations online comes with security risks.

Fortunately, Microsoft has a lot of years and expertise under their belts. Hacking and phishing are next to null. The proof is in the countless businesses that have already made the switch.

Another great security measure?

Administrators of Office 365 accounts have access to each employee’s personal account. That access inspires stronger accountability. It means that changes to shared documents can be tracked.  Important information can be shared and preserved across the business. Nothing is lost with employee churn.


Make the Move

Going digital is the way of things now. Whether you had pro tech before COVID-19, or you’re just starting the transition—this pandemic has expedited the demand for a digital business culture.

Switching to Office 365 from Microsoft Office is a great choice. Credit unions who make the change will pay less in licensing fees. Employees will have suites that follow them, allowing for a more flexible staff. They’ll get all of the programs from the original office plus Skype, and a large storage cloud.

Credit union IT departments will be able to strategize more with business units. They also won’t have to sweat security or troubleshooting.

The challenge of making the switch is the preparation and execution. From there, it’ll be smooth sailing.

Not sure if your credit union has the time to spare? You might consider a third-party host to handle all of the transition fuss. Then you can get back to an easier and more efficient version of business.

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