PayPod: Credit Union Growth Strategies with Kirk Drake (Podcast)

Credit union growth strategies from cu 2.0

Recently, CU 2.0 Founder and CEO Kirk Drake sat down with Scott Hawksworth with the Soar Payments podcast, PayPod. They discussed credit unions, the technology they use, and the technology they’ll need to continue growing.

Hint: AI is involved!

Dig into the challenges credit unions face in their current growth strategies. Then, hear some insights about how credit unions can compete and grow—even as neobanks, fintechs, and other challengers hit the scene.

In this podcast, Drake and Hawksworth cover:

  • The factors that hold credit unions back;
  • How credit unions can attract new members;
  • The importance of branding in the financial space;
  • Why fintech partnerships are a must; and
  • Kirk’s vision of credit unions, technology, AI, and the future!

There is no single solution to credit union growth. Fortunately, Drake packs quite a lot of into a short, 30-minute feature. Click the link below to hear the whole thing!

PayPod: Credit Union Growth Strategies with Kirk Drake of CU 2.0, ep. 163


Want More Credit Union Tech Talk?

Kirk Drake recently debuted his second book, Financial: Helping Financial Services Executives Prepare for an Artificial World.

The book discusses the hottest trend across all financial institutions: artificial intelligence.

In it, Drake touches on the history of AI, from B.C.E. ideations to the chatbots of the last few decades. Then, he dives into modern-day use cases of AI in financial institutions. Finally, he outlines the steps that any bank or credit union can take to begin working with AI today.

You can read two short excerpts from the book here:

AI Case Study: Posh Technologies

AI Case Study: Grain Technologies

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