Is Office Automation Viable for Credit Unions?

In many ways, the word “automation” sounds scary to employees. People immediately assume that automation is there to take their jobs and fuel the inevitable robot uprising. Scary stuff, to be sure.

But office automation isn’t about eliminating jobs. Rather, it’s about making people’s jobs more accurate, less tedious, and more efficient. Repetitive tasks that usually require significant time investments can instead be quickly accomplished by sophisticated automation routines.

If digital transformation is the goal, then credit union office automation should be on the table. No other solutions can reasonably tie together (and simplify) the complex digital systems that credit unions use daily. Plus, saving time on various labor-intensive tasks ensures employees spend less time catching up—and more time getting ahead.

For example, imagine automating

  • Automated Clearing House
  • End-of-day and monthly processing
  • File image transfers
  • History and audit logs

Now, imagine that any inter-departmental workflows can also be automated. And, imagine that all workflows are documented, thus building an easy, accurate audit trail so that anyone can see an accurate history of all workflow processes.

And there’s more. SMA Technologies also explains how automating credit unions can improve services and agility while reducing risk.

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