CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 229 Sean Daly CEO of People’s Credit Union on Embracing the Cloud

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In the cloud. That’s where People’s Credit Union CEO Sean Daly shifted much of the IT of the approximately $600 million in assets institution and in this podcast, he tells why, how it went, and what the early benefits are.

In this show, you will often hear the initials AWS – Amazon Web Services.  Yep. Amazon. Aside from being a giant retailer, it is one of the biggest players in providing cloud services and tools to companies.

Daly is a big fan of AWS. He tells why in the show.

Daly also tells how to persuade a board to go into the cloud.

And how to bring employees – including existing IT staff – along on the journey.

He is very candid about difficulties suffered, and lessons learned – and he also tells of the benefits to People’s and its members.

This is not a show only for propeller heads.  It’s plenty down to earth.

Mention is made in the show of Arkatechture, a previous guest on the show – episode 223, link in the show notes.

If you crave more details about this IT project, here’s a link to a useful NAFCU piece.

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