CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 230 Tailwind’s Andrew Tull on Humanizing Software + Software as a Relationship

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Discover software as a relationship.

That’s the tagline used by Austin TX based Tailwind which says it thrives on handling the knottiest IT problems and also that it is human-based – and isn’t always so in IT.

On the show today is partner Andrew Tull who explains exactly what Tailwind means when it talks about software as a relationship and also about how Tailwind genuinely takes the people side of the business to heart.

A key point Tull makes is that one size fits all simply does not work when it comes to credit union tech. Many – most – credit unions are very individual and so are their memberships.  That’s why the human part of the calculus has to come into play and it’s what Tailwind does well, says Tull.

Tull also hosts a video blog show called Humanizing Software – there’s a link in the show notes.  He takes very seriously the concept that humans are involved in software and they need to be.

You don’t have to guess that he is rooting for Neo in the Matrix, do you now?

In the show we also briefly discuss People’s Credit Union’s move of much of its IT into the AWS cloud.  That’s a topic explored in depth in a podcast with Sean Daly, CEO of People’s. There’s a link in the show notes.  The pertinence to Tailwind, although it wasn’t involved in the People’s project, is that this kind of cloud migration is exactly the kind of project Tailwind thrives on, says Tull.

Learn more about Tailwind here:

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