CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 231 Amy Travers NA Security on Voice Biometrics

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Here’s a secret you don’t know about the CU 2.0 Podcast. Just about in every show, there are some minutes of talk before the show really starts  Most shows do similar. It helps get the guest comfortable and, importantly, it lets the host do a sound check to make sure all is working.

Those minutes almost always are deleted in editing.

Not in this show with Amy Travers, a regional vice president with NA Security focused on biometrics – voice – in financial services. That’s because we started by chatting about her personal background, growing up in County Donegal in the northwest of Ireland and earning degrees at the Institute of Technology in Sligo. And then…she’s in Florida where she founds a contact center company.

Understand that a good part of what her present employer does is equip contact centers to help authenticate incoming callers and to blow an alerting whistle if the caller seems fraudulent.

Travers knows that work from the inside.

Nowadays, the NA tools – which grow out of the wildly popular Dragon Naturally Speaking tools – are used in a range of applications to improve security and screening.

But a fundamental starting point is that the voice is indeed something that can be used to authenticate and almost all of us are comfortable with the procedure.

You’ll hear exactly how slick the tools have gotten – and indeed says Travers they pay for themselves at most FIs.

It’s a wide-ranging talk about what’s happening right now in biometrics and voice – listen up.

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