CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 232 Ken Kondo Mahalo Banking on Real Innovation in Mobile Banking

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Name the last big innovation in mobile banking.

No rush.

It’s understandable if you are stumped because, well, there really haven’t been many in the past half dozen years.

Ken Kondo, newly appointed chief innovation officer at Troy, Mich.-based Maholo Banking, is on the show to tell his plan for upping innovation in mobile banking.

And he believes more innovation is critical if credit unions are to win more members from the younger demographics.

Quick now, do you know what a magic eight ball is in tech speak? Or Konami Code?

If you do, know that you will hear Kondo’s take on these topics. And if you don’t know, know you are going to have fun learning how such concepts just might help credit union code writers innovate more.

How about the so-called fart* feature built into Tesla cars – know about that? Kondo loves the outrageous, unexpected nature of the feature – and believes it is features like that will help credit unions create excitement for their mobile baking apps.

By now you have probably realized this is a show that it, well, different from many of the others in our catalog.

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