CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 242 Omar Jordan Coviance on Closing Loan Applications Faster, Smarter

cu 2.0 podcast

You don’t know Coviance – but you do know LenderClose and its founder Omar Jordan.

And now you know LenderClose has changed its name to Coviance.

Why? In the show Jordan tells why and he also talks a bit about what was involved in the name change.

Coviance is all about efficient processing which, generally, translate into faster lending decisions.

Looking forward Jordan is optimistic about the prospects for home equity loans and credit union marketshare.

Especially when borrowers get the faster decisioning that is integral to the Coviance approach.

Face facts: many credit unions are very, very slow in processing loan apps. Jordan explains why you don’t have to be and he also talks about business lost when processing speed lags.

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