CU 2.0 VIP Podcast Live from Boulder 1 – Fiore and Hsieh on Fractional Real Estate and Member Retention

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If you weren’t there, you weren’t there – but this year’s CU2.0 VIP Live in Boulder was three nights and two days of the unexpected, the unimagined, and a whole lot of interchange and learning among credit union and fintech execs.

Over the next week I will be uploading five podcasts where VIP attendees share what’s on their minds.

Yes, there is background, ambient noise.  Tune it out.

In this first podcast, Paul Fiore – known as the founder of Digital Insight and CU Wallet – along with Sean Hsieh, founder and CEO of Concreit tell about Hseih’s app that will enable owning fractional shares in rental real estate.  So, yes, the spelling of the company’s name is right.

Why such an app? Fiore explains that credit unions are seeing a huge outflow of deposits – mainly into investment vehicles that aren’t widely available at credit unions such as crypto, fractional real estate, robo stock trading. He believes that for credit unions to compete they have to get with the program.

Concreit is a case in point.

In a future show from VIP Live, you’ll hear about a digital investment play now offered to credit ions..

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