CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 243 San Francisco Fire CU Wants To Be Your Side Bank – the Creation of the Campaign with Josephine Chew

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Go – right now – to this CU Times story about a new, bold marketing campaign from San Francisco Fire Credit Union, a $1.7 billion institution.  This is unlike anything else you have ever seen from a credit union – promised.

On the show today is Josephine Chew, who tells how SF Fire came up with the campaign and why.

The why ought to be obvious. For many – especially wealthier – members a credit union account is a side bank relationship. And that’s OK. The credit union has a very real possibility of expanding that relationship.

Along the way, she talks about the creation of the ad campaign, the metrics that show its success and more.

In this show, Chew also muses about the differences between a credit union and a mega bank and she knows the latter because she came to SF Fire after a lengthy stint at Wells Fargo where she finished as an SVP.

Before that, she put in time at Schwab.

She knows what it is like to work at a big institution.

And now she Is feeling her way at a big credit union that nonetheless is tiny compared to a mega bank.

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