CU 2.0 VIP Podcast Live from Boulder 3 – Saroop Bharwani on ChatGPT and the AI Revolution Sweeping Credit Unions

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If you weren’t there, you weren’t there – but this year’s CU2.0 VIP Live in Boulder was three nights and two days of the unexpected, the unimagined, and a whole lot of interchange and learning among credit union and fintech execs.

Over the next week I will be uploading five podcasts where VIP attendees share what’s on their minds.

In this third podcast you will hear from Saroop Bharwani, CEO of, who will tell you what you need to know about ChatGPT and similar tools from Google and Microsoft.  Right now this species of AI is on every lip and the question is do credit unions need to know about this – the answer is yes, definitely.

The next question is what should your follow up steps be? Bharwani tells us.

This is not a deep dive into the underlying technology. What it is is a high level discussion about why – really – to stay competitive your credit union needs to be moving now to embrace this AI because it will change how work gets done in fundamental ways.

The train is leaving the station. It;s time to hop aboard.

On a personal note your podcast host got an invitation from Google to test its AI tool, Bard, and of course I took it.  I’ve had it write a short Seinfeld script, a press release, and lots more. This stuff is cool.

Get Bard, or sign up for ChatGPT, or the Microsoft tool.

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