CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 263 What You Need to Know About Board Composition, the Statistical

cu 2.0 Podcast

Consider this show all you want to know about credit union boards and gender and ethnic composition.

Know this: you probably will be surprised, and disappointed, about one statistic you will hear.

Also know: the source for this show is a 69-page report, Credit Union Boards of Directors: Board Size, Gender, Race and Institutional Performance, 2012-2021. Download the report, it’s free via the consulting firm, CuCollaborate

The report is statistics rich and in this show we talk about the research methodology so you will hear how the report was created.

We also talk about possible future research projects involving boards.

And you know what, credit union boards are remarkably opaque.  Most members know very little about their board – indeed they may not even know there is a board and it is, theoretically, elected by the membership.

Speaking for me – not CuCollaborate – I think there is a great opportunity for dramatically enhanced board transparency.

Most credit unions complain about a lack of candidates for board seats – but just maybe there’d be more member interest in that service if more members had an inkling of what the board does and how this matters to member satisfaction.  A point to ponder.

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