CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 264 Apiture’s Daniel Haisley on Zombie Members and Your Credit Union

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How many zombie members are on your credit union’s books? You know who we mean – they sometimes also are called ghost members. They have a few bucks parked in the institution from back when they became members but, nowadays, they are mainly invisible. And worse: the credit union often charges no monthly fee but it may pay a monthly fee for that member’s access to online banking even though the member doesn’t use it.

You want to know Daniel Haisley.  He runs innovation at Apiture, a North Carolina-based digital banking provider that serves some 300 credit unions and community banks.  It serves some mega institutions but Haisley says Apiture’s sweet spot is serving mid-sized and smaller institutions.

And Apiture has a tool for helping to activate those zombie members. In the show, Haisley tells how it works and what kinds of results it delivers.

He also answers the big question: When a new credit union customer comes to you why are they leaving their existing digital provider?  

And before we close he offers Apiture’s take on AI and credit unions today.  In three words it’s optimistic but cautious.

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