CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 265 Prakash Natarajan on Why Your Credit Union Needs a Fintech Blueprint

podcast guest - Prakash Natarajan

What’s in your fintech blueprint?

Wait, you say, what’s a fintech blueprint? Good question and if you didn’t ask it probably you should have because few credit unions have current blueprints or even old, dusty ones.

On that note, how often should you update a fintech blueprint? On the show today is  Prakash Natarajan, managing director for payments strategy for SRM and he says every three years. 

Ask me and I’d say every two years.

Either way, the point is that the fintech landscape is fast morphing – who knew about generative AI 9 months ago – and an institution needs a blueprint that sets out fintech priorities and why they matter.

Otherwise, you are at the mercy of the next fintech sales person in your office who waves a shiny object in your face and, yep, it’s cool…but do your members and institution really have to have it? That is why you need a blueprint.

Background reading for this show is the SRM report Why Every Financial Institution Needs a Fintech Blueprint. It’s free, click here

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